3 – NOT a ‘Bungled’ Portuguese Police Investigation – See the TRUTH!!!

How DARE the McCanns Claim the Portuguese Police Did NOTHING!


police responsefacts



  • 53 articles: “boozy” or “boozer” (Examples)
  • 418 articles: “disgraced, disgraceful, disgrace” (Examples)
  • 440 articles: “outrage, outrageous” etc.  
  • 37 articles: “bungling”
  • 23 articles: “Keystone cops” (or Kops) (or Keystone cretins)  (“Keystone” cops has been used by English speaking people to describe bumbling or inept cops; based on old movies of the Keystone Cops.  Extremely insulting articles.)
  • 42 articles: “Goncalo Amaral” and “lunch”  (includes all the “boozy lunch” “two hour lunch” etc.Many accuse him of “boozy three hour lunches” etc.  Why is it newsworthy that a man eats lunch?)
  • 45 articles: “inept” 
  • 220 articles: “sacked” or “fired”  (Note: Amaral was TRANSFERRED off the Maddie case and then chose to quit.)
  • 49 articles: “hampered” “hampering” “hindered” “hindering” (the investigation);
  • 43 articles: “outburst” (regarding his statement re: McCanns and the British police)
  • 43 articles: “shameful” “shame” “shamed”
  • 14 articles: “evil”
  • 146 articles: “torture” “tortured” “attacked” (re: Leonor Cipriano)
Other terms used to describe
Goncalo Amaral and/or his colleagues
  • “Oh, up yours, senor” (Title of column in the Daily Mirror by Tony Parsons – about which the Press Complaints Commission received 485 complaints.)

  • sweaty oafish
  • Inspector Clueless
  • corpulent figure in an ill-fitting jacket
  • fat, sweaty cop
  • out of his depth
  • liar
  • lazy
  • failed police chief
  • giant ego
  • manufacturing a case
  • dishing dirt
  • making stuff up
  • feeding smears to the press
  • spends hundreds of pounds per week at Carvi fish restaurant
  • witch hunt
  • stupendously stupid
  • fragile macho pride
  • swaggering plods
  • lumbering yokels
  • clueless
  • corrupt
  • biased
  • Portuguese tormentors
  • leaked information to the media
  • vital evidence was ditched
  • crucial documents were ignored
  • weeks were wasted
  • a shambles from the outset
  • ignored sightings
  • worked only four hours a day
  • dirty tricks
  • scarily amateur police investigation
  • flawed inquiry
  • beleaguered police
  • evil suggestions (re: the McCanns)
  • bizarre allegations
  • vile slurs
  • just want a convenient confession, true or false
  • career in tatters
  • abysmally mishandled Portuguese police investigation
  • “Amaral was the main reason Kate and Gerry were named as suspects, despite there not being a shred of evidence that the couple were involved” (Blogger note: Cadaver dog alerts to McCann items only, Gaspar statement, Smith family sighting, refusal to answer police questions or return to Portugal for reconstruction, changes to statements re: the night Maddie disappeared, etc.)  
  • “Life on Mars” police (refers to a British television program, extremely insulting articles)
  • “It was bad enough for the McCanns that their child was snatched. It was worse luck still for it to happen in a backwater policed by incompetents.”  (In other words, Portugal is a backwater country and it’s police force is incompetent.)
  • spectacularly stupid, cruel Portuguese police”
  • pigs
  • filth
  • fitting up her parents
  • it is the Portuguese police who are the clowns
  • Cruel, stupid, spiteful clowns
  • bunch of clueless amateurs
  • turned their rage on the McCanns
Portuguese citizens
  • leering bumpkins
  • sardine munchers (This began when Tony Parsons said about the Portuguese Ambassador to Britain “If you can’t say something constructive about the disappearance of little Madeleine, then you just keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut.”)
  • “… a scathing attack by Sir Richard Branson on the Portuguese media…‘The Portuguese press have behaved abysmally, fed inaccurate stories by the Portuguese police, which all turned out to be a load of garbage,’ he told The Observer” 30 Sept. 2007


Have you been told the Portuguese police did ‘nothing?


View the files below… In 11 days more than 1,000 diligences had been carried out!Scroll down this page to see EXACTLY what was done in the PJ effort to search for Madeleine.

THOUSANDS of diligences!

Have you been told they didn’t follow up on sightings?


Read the Apensos below with nearly 4,000 files detailing the followups to the sightings, keeping in mind also that if a sighting was in another country, the local police force followed up and reported back to PJ.

Have you been told they were slow to respond that night?


Did you know that by 1am there were 13 officers attending the scene and many of them off duty or raised from their bed?

Have you seen Goncalo Amaral the coordinator of the investigation DISCREDITED?

Gonçalo Amaral’s role as the CO-ORDINATOR in the investigation was not to  get up in the morning and go out alone to solve the case!
He was not only the coordinator of the Madeleine case, he coordinated the whole CID.  His job was to coordinate the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ’s Southern Directory. There were other cases, other investigations at the same time.

In the Madeleine investigation, as  with Scotland Yard, there were several lines of investigation running simultaneously and approximately on the fifth day of searches there were approximately 180 Policia Judiciária, 60 GNR officers and approximately 20 civilian volunteers on the ground, investigating the case. He assigned their duties for the day and after they reported back to him he would relay the information back to his superiors in Faro and Lisbon.

At one point there were 250 officers on the ground.

Hundreds of ‘sightings’ came in from all over the world 24/7, and each one had to be dealt with and coordinated.  The PJ had to decide what was worth checking out, and then relay it to Europol or Interpol if the sighting hadn’t taken place in Portugal. There were hundreds of people to question, ground searches to execute and coordinate with the appropriate country and their police force. .

None of them amounted to anything worthwhile, there was not one result from the hundreds of sighting,  except that they served the purpose: to distract from the investigation and to reinforce the abduction theory
To portray Gonçalo Amaral, after his 28 successful years in the PJ, as incompetent, and to discuss as if he was solely responsible for the investigation is beyond  comprehension.


Click on any one of them to learn more about the INVESTIGATION!
Original documents also available here:
(This does NOT include the SIGHTINGS follow ups – See APENSOS)


*PROCESSO VOLUME 1a – pgs. 1 to 217 –


MAY 4th – 6th 2007

Pages marked in blue are not translated.

1—Opening of volume I
2 to 10—General Background information on disappearance with copies of Madeleine’s passport see also Vitor Martins report
11 to 23—Photographic report from 5A
24 to 25—Fax and confirmation page from the PJ
26 to 31—GNR correspondence to PJ regarding details of disappearance with copy of Madeleine’s passport, picture/flyer of the child and other notices
32—Fax and confirmation page from PJ asking for information to be released to press
33A—Written correspondence from PJ
33b—Draft of pictures and details of missing child to be released to the press
34 to 41—Witness statement of Gerald Patrick McCann 2007.05.04
42 to 51—Witness statement of Jane Michelle Tanner 2007.05.04 with details of sighting, drawn map, and photographs of street/location where individual seen
52 to 57—Witness statement of Matthew David Oldfield 2007.05.04
58 to 65—Witness statement of Kate Marie Healy 2007.05.04
66 to 68—Witness statement of David Anthony Payne 2007.05.04
69 to 72–Witness statement of Fiona Elaine Payne 2007.05.04
73 to 76—Witness statement of Rachel Mariamma Jean Mampilly 2007.05.04
77 to 79—Witness statement of Dianne Webster 2007.05.04
80 to 82—Witness statement of Russell James O’Brien 2007.05.04
83 to 84—List of calls made/received from Kate Healy’s telephone up to May 4, 2007
85—List of calls made/received from Gerald McCann telephone up to May 4, 2007
86 to 103—External Diligence of OC staff with passport copies of crèche workers
104—List of Mark Warner staff
105 to 118—Sign-in/check-in Warner/crèche lists119 to 120—External diligence carried out re: Jeremy Wilkins
121 to 125—External diligences carried with OC staff (a-g) followed by copies of passports
a) Jeronimo Tomas Rodrigues Salcedas
b) Svetlana Starikova Vitorino
c) Miguel Salcedas Coelho
d) Joaquim Jose Moreira Batista
e) Joelson Fabio Soares Santos Lúcio
f) Ricardo Alexandre da Luz Oliveira
g) Maria Manuela Antonio Jose
126— Luz Ocean Club Registration/Check in form
127 to 128-External diligence at A22 GALP
129—Fax request to GALP for CCTV images
130 to 132—CCTV images obtained from the GALP station
133—Letter 04.05.2007 indicating Gerry and Kate shown CCTV images and did not recognize the child in the photos
134 to 135—External diligence in Lagos and Odiaxere
136 -138— Witness statement of Denise Ashton
139—Photographic Identification Report (Denise Ashton)
140 to 144—Service information regarding older man seen with child in petrol station with CCTV images
145 to 147—Service information regarding Derek Flack sighting also here
148 to 153—External diligence related to Flack sighting with pictures
154 to 160—External Diligence regarding possible sighting in Sagres with pictures
161 to 167—Witness statement of Nuno Manuel Lourenco De Jesus 2007.05.05
168 to 170—Investigation carried out on a car seen in De Jesus’ deposition
171 to 180—External Diligence in Lagos regarding above referenced car
181 to 191—Faxes and further information from Interpol regarding Polish couple
192 to 195—External diligence carried out at the Beach Bar in Burgau with CCTV images of Polish couple
196 to 197—Witness statement of Nelson da Silva Martins
198 to 199—External diligence at Ocean Club
200 to 204—Witness statement of Derek Flack
205 – Sketch of the man described by Derek Flack
206 to 207—Information from PDL residents regarding sighting of suspicious individual
208 to 210—Witness statement of Lance Richard Purser with photo-sketch 2007.05.06 (p. 210 – sketch)
211 to 212—Missing pages
213 to 217—Messages between PJ and Interpol Lisbon regarding Polish couple
Last page—Closing of volume I on 06.05.2007

Processos Volume II, pgs. 218 to 520 –

May 6th – 7th 2007

218 to 219—Opening of volume II on May 6, 2007
220 to 222 —Witness statement of Lyndsay Jane Johnson 2007.05.06
223—Copy of Lyndsay Lane Johnson’s passport
225 to 227—Witness statement of Stacey Portz 2007.05.06
228—Copy of Stacey Portz’ passport
229 to 231–-Witness statement of Amy Ellen Tierney 2007.05.06
232—Copy of Amy Ellen Tierney’s passport
233 to 238—Witness statement of Jeronimo Tomas Rodrigues Salcedas 2007.05.06
239 to 241—Witness statement of Nuno Goncalo Marques Vicente Ramos Bernardo 2007.05.06
242 to 243–Witness statement of Joao Pedro Ramos Agapito 2007.05.06
244 to 247—Witness statement of Sarah Elizabeth Williamson 2007.05.06
248—Copy of Sarah Elizabeth Wiliamsons’ passport
249 to 251—Witness statement of Leanne Danielle Wagstaff 2007.05.06
252—Copy of Leanne Danielle Wagstaff’s passport
253 to 256—Witness statement of Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker 2007.05.06
257—Copy of Catriona Treasa Sisile Baker’s passport
258 to 260–Witness statement of Joaquim José Moreira Baptista 2007.05.06
261 to 263–Witness statement of Maria Manuela Antonia Jose 2007.05.06
264 to 265—Witness Statement of Nuno Filipe Guerreiro da Concericao 2007.05.06
266 to 268—Witness statement of Ricardo Alexandre da Luz Oliveira 2007.05.06
269 to 271—Witness statement of Tiago Filipe Pinheiro de Freitas 2007.05.06
272 to 274—Witness statement of Natalia Pasa 2007.05.06
275 to 276—Witness statement of Eduardo Joao Oliveira Martins 2007.05.06
277 to 278—Witness statement of Cecilia Paula da Firmino do Carmo 2007.05.06
279 to 281—Witness statement of Pedro Alexandre Gonzaga Ribeiro 2007.05.06
282 to 283—Witness statement of Alice Maria Velhuco Ciríaco Guerreiro Silvestre 2007.05.06
284 to 286—Witness statement of Ana Marilia do Carmo Silva 2007.05.06
287 to 289—Witness statement of Jorge Alberto Bandarra Rocha 2007.05.06
290—External diligence carried out in Marina de Lagos, Lagos 2007.05.06
291 to 292—External diligence carried out at Millenium Restaurant 2007.05.06
293 to 300 – Pages missing
301 to 302—External Diligence Dolphin restaurant 06/05/2007
303—Photo-fit of suspect
304 to 305—Diligence carried out in Burgau 2007.05.06
306—Message to PJ Interpol from Warsaw 2007.05.05
307— Letter from Leicestershire Police constabulary regarding Lori Campbell’s suspicions re: Murat (in English) 2007.05.07
308—Portuguese translation of above letter
309—External diligence carried out in PdL regarding blind repair 2007.05.06
310—Invoice/Maintenance order for blind repair 2007.05.01



Title: Portuguese Police Response Times & Timeline for May 3rd 2007

Title: Efforts to DISCREDIT the Portuguese Police and Goncalo Amaral


Thanks to The Maddie Case Files for the Translated Statements

GNR Officer Statements

PJ Officer Statements


by Judy Bachrach WEB EXCLUSIVE January 10, 2008

‘In the months following the child’s disappearance, the supposed incompetence of the Portuguese police was the subject of many devastating articles in the press, with an attitude wryly summed up by the Scotland Yard detective as “Johnny Dago is not good enough to do it.” This was at the precise time that, as Gerry explains, “we were relying on the Portuguese to find Madeleine, and it was not helpful at all.” However, since the media were, without a doubt, fed in part by the McCann camp, it is hard to know whom to blame.

It wasn’t true, for instance, that there were no fingertip searches performed at the villa, as reported by one British tabloid, or that the shutters were contaminated in the investigation, as reported by another; two on-the-scene reporters claim that personnel in Portuguese C.S.I. uniforms were seen taking fingerprints from those shutters early on, and then dispatched them to the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal in Porto and Coimbra. Nor did police treat Madeleine’s disappearance lightly.

As Woolfall explains, when he arrived a day and a half after Madeleine had vanished: “There were lots of police, I have to say. There is a big emphasis placed on children and family in Portugal. There was no doubt there was a massive effort trying to find her. And you had Portuguese policemen canceling leave and working over weekends.”’


“Portuguese Police among the best in the WORLD!”

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