4 – Are the McCanns GUILTY or INNOCENT? You decide….

McMinute: Gerry Asked ‘Did You Kill Your Daughter?’

imagesconclusion 3




HiDeHo CONTROVERSY of Madeleine McCann Group Video


Was Madeleine’s BODY in the Rental Car?


McMinute: Were the McCanns declared SUSPECTS because the police had EVIDENCE?


McMinute: Why Did Gerry’s Sister Expect Kate to be Charged  with Accidental Death?


‘Where is the child?’ Kate says she knows more than we do.


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The McCanns are suing Gonçalo Amaral for £1 MILLION, the verdict included BANNING the documentary, (which is based on the police files) but an APPEAL is in progress with the help of support from his friends around the world currently £33,865 of £25k Raised by 2,113 people in 2 months

Go Fund Me: Legal Defence for Goncalo Amaral Created  by Leanne Baulch April 29, 2015HERE


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