7 – HiDeHo Theory and the RESEARCH that brought me to this CONCLUSION.


Many people ask me how I arrived at my ‘theory’ about what happened.

Initially I knew nothing…and was asked by a non related forum what my thoughts were…

At that point i couldn’t answer because I didn’t have the knowledge to make an informed opinion, so I joined some of the forums discussing the case.

The rest is history…
Like most others, I was intrigued with the discrepancies and started checking some of the timelines etc.
At that point the files had not been released, but SOL newspaper gave us an idea of what may have happened (later confirmed by the files)
I opened a forum to file everything as I found myself repeating myself so often, so for times sake it was easier to have the details filed and easily accesible to add to posts.
Remembering Madeleine Forum
In August of 2008 the files were released.
There was a major effort to have then translated, and one of the first set of translations was that of the Ocean Club staff..
I was confused with names and nicknames so decided to do a ‘Staff Rota’ so I could make it easy to see who was working that night…
Category: Staff Rota and Statements
I took the relevant parts of the statements and started highlighting them for the portions that were applicable….and that when I started to see discrepancies…or oddities that made me curious.
Title: Discrepancy List
I then took the groups statements and separated all the comments into a timetable so I could compare what each member said regarding a particular time (15 min intervals). Thats when I saw MANY DISCREPANCIES. (not memory related)  Approx 200 in total but not included in this list
Title: All Timetables
It also gave me an ‘overview’ of the activities of that week.
With so many discrepancies happening on Thursday I felt that something had happened on Wednesday and the Thursday was ‘covering up the truth’ day.
By this time I had seen all the other files and statements and could not find anything to dispute something happening on Wednesday.
Further down the road I was discussing with someone about when Madeleine was last seen.
Title: Nanny Info & Statements Highlighted
Title: Nannies that saw Madeleine…

I started to look at the statements of those claiming to have seen her.  The Tapas Cook said she saw her every day going into the creche.  Madeleine did not attend that creche.  She went to the creche above reception about 10 mins away so she may have been mistaken.
I then decided to do a thorough compilation of all the people that claimed to have seen Madeleine throughout the holiday
Title: Who Saw Madeleine – Credibility and Statements
At that point I saw that the tennis coach mentioned  the mini tennis on Tuesday morning.

I then decided nothing could have happened to her prior to Tuesday UNTIL I scrutinised the statement and saw that she did not specifically say she saw her…Just a reference to Madeleine’s group playing mini tennis.

None of the statements were PROOF she was not there but none of them were proof that she WAS there.

This took me back to Sunday with the cleaner’s daughter’s statement that said she saw Madeleine and her family at lunchtime coming out of their apartment and Madeleine was carrying bread and possibly going up to the Payne’s apartment (which we know from statements likely happened).
This was the ONLY credible statement in my opinion that confirmed Madeleine was seen Sunday lunchtime.  I have seen no others that were specific or confirmed credible after that.
I looked at the discrepancies of Tuesday….and saw how something was not right.  Everything started to fall into place.
IF something had happened to Madeleine AFTER Sunday lunchtime and BEFORE the discrepancies and curiosities started to happen on Tuesday then many of them could be explained if Kate was in grief and the ‘plan’ for the abduction was in place.
I do not believe that Dianne Webster knew anything and it was therefore important to not be around as a group during the day in case questions were asked.

They no longer went to breakfast and did not go to the Paynes apartment for lunch.

Tuesday morning Gerry told Jez Wilkins that they left the children alone….opening up the knowledge that there was going to be an opportunity for an abduction.
This was the day they ‘supposedly’ went for a walk to the beach and the 5 ice creams and a thorough description of a guitarist. (why?)
This was the chosen day to claim they bought Gerry’s sunglasses.  Did they do that because they knew at this point they were going to use a picture taken on Sunday for the Last Picture that would be claimed to have been taken Thursday, but wanted to deflect from it being Sunday by claiming he didn’t have the sunglasses until Tuesday?
They returned to the creche at 2.50pm approx where the activity for that afternoon was an ice cream trip to the beach!
Tuesday evening was when the quiz mistress started the quiz at 9.00pm and was invited to their table for 20 mins.  She claims that no-one got up from the table and that there was a place setting that may have indicated someone left.

She did not recall seeing Kate (at the apartment grieving?) or possibly David Payne. Russell O Brien claims to have been at his apartment looking after his youngest daughter who was sick.

Only Fiona, Gerry, Dianne, Rachael and Matt were at the tapas and yet the waiters always claimed they were all there.  Could this be why the police asked everyone if the Irwin sisters were at their table?  Did they make up the numbers?
After the quiz is when Mrs. Fenn heard the crying for 75 minutes.
Prior to the crying starting at 10.30pm Kate received a flurry of phone calls ( 10.16 – 10.27).
It is suggested she received the calls at the apartment.
The following morning she made very early calls to her friend Amanda at approx 7am and this was when the well known 14 text messages started to arrive to Gerry’s phone (denied by both Kate and Gerry)
The cleaner claims to have seen a cot in the parents bedroom but they denied it.  At this point I felt there really was something that had happened and they needed to hide it
Wednesday had some discrepancies….

Wednesday evening, instead of the couples going to the tapas individually, Gerry and Russell O’Brien went together.  No indication if Jane went to the tapas but when Jez asked Gerry about Kate he was told that she was putting the children to bed…Did she EVER go to the tapas that night?  Did Jane stay with Kate?

Thursday discrepancies were too many to mention here…

Thefirst one is that we are told that Madeleine went to her parents and asked why they didn’t come when she was crying…..In their statements on May 4th they BOTH claimed it was the twins that Madeleine had told them were crying…but by their next statement it had changed to Madeleine.

One would think that if they had told the police on May 4th that it was the TWINS that were crying, that the night before, if Kate had mentioned to Fiona and Jane about the crying they would have told them the same as they told the police the following day…BUT THEY DIDN’T!

Both Jane and Fiona claim they told then that it was Madeleine that had been crying….

This is what they CHANGED their statements to say later…so was it LATER that they told Jane and Fiona?
Many…Many…Many discrepancies happened on Thursday and one has to wonder why?
Were they covering up something that happened earlier?
Category: When Did Madeleine ‘Disappear’ BEFORE 5.30pm or AFTER?
I believe so, and have NEVER found anything in the last 7 years to prove my research incorrect.
Something happened to Madeleine earlier in the week and there is every indication that the last few days of their ‘holiday’ were spent ‘preparing’ for the faked abduction.
If my research can be disputed i will willingly change my opinion.

Based on my research, my theory is this….

The last credible sighting of Madeleine was Sunday lunchtime by the cleaner’s daughter.

As the discrepancies started to happen on TUESDAY I feel that something happened to Madeleine between SUNDAY and MONDAY.

The last picture was likely taken on SUNDAY lunchtime, shortly after the cleaner’s daughter saw Madeleine leave apartment and dressed in her new holiday clothes.  It was clear and sunny and perfect for photos.

Between that time and TUESDAY morning we know very little.

MONDAY was a day no-one seemed to want to mention in their statements.

Something could have happened during that time and it was devastating.

Maybe Madeleine became fatally ill and the doctor friends were brought in to help….What happened to cause it, is hard to say as we have no real indication apart from a few comments from Rachael about resuscitation or the checking of the twins for breathing (sedatives).

Did Madeleine die immediately or was she very ill for a day or so? We don’t know.


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