9 – NEGLECT? Are you SURE the McCanns neglected their children?

gerry insists

From the OFFICIAL FInd Madeleine Facebook Group ‘Rules of the Road’.

Is such rudeness necessary?

-106  Official Find Madeleine Campaign (1)rules header neglect


Claiming ‘neglect’ suggests that it was the reason that Madeleine disappeared! Unless one believes there was an abduction, there were far more serious things happening that night than leaving the children alone…

According to the police investigation, Madeleine had died, they hid her body and simulated an abduction… Neglect is a welcome smokescreen to that accusation!


No Neglect = No Abduction – Gerry INSISTS they didn’t check the children every 15 mins!

Isn’t it odd that EVERY negative comment about the McCanns has been stopped (See McCanns  Manipulated Media’ post) and yet the ONE mantra that is a constant is about leaving the children alone in the apartment while they went to dinner at the tapas?

From the start I wondered why they didn’t claim that the children were being watched by one of the group.  After all, there was one of them not present at the tapas each night (Monday we dont know) and would have been very easy to claim the children were being watched to avoid ANY suggestions they were being neglected, which seemed to be an important issue.

Is it possible that the chidren WERE being watched by one of the Tapas 9?

However, if that was the case, then WHO would have been responsible.at the moment that Madeleine was ‘abducted’? More to the point, HOW would the ‘abductor’ have been able to access the apartment and ‘take’ Madeleine? IMPOSSIBLE!

So, it seems that even if they HAD been watching the children they HAD to say they were leaving the children alone to facilitate the opportunity for an ‘abductor’!

Gerry does it very well in this video where he INSISTS they weren’t watching the children every 15 minutes as Sandra Felgueiras suggested… He made sure that everyone was aware there was a suitable amount of time for the ‘abductor’ to accomplish the task by saying it was every 30 MINS!!

Now, why would he DENY they were watching the children every 15 mins?  Was it because he NEEDED everyone to know the ‘abductor’ had time to enter the apartment?

Did NEGLECT or something SINISTER cause Madeleine’s Disappearance?


Title: It HELPS the McCanns to claim they were NEGLECTFUL!


I have to say that i am pleased to see so many considering the ‘Neglect’ issue as being a smokescreen for the truth. The trade off for what they SHOULD be accountable for.

I have archived many of my posts on this subject as I tend to ramble on about it so often as I have always believed it to be the case, and often I see my old posts asking if I am the only one to think this way?

Every time the neglect issue is raised and the McCann’s blamed for it I almost hear a cheer from TM.

Without realising it, a post that blames the McCanns for neglect, leaving their little ones alone while they go dining at the tapas, leaves the reader subconsciously thinking that the neglect is why Madeleine disappeared and inadvertently suggesting the abduction was the reason she disappeared.

They NEEDED to suggest neglect or the abduction wouldn’t have been possible. Kate refers to Wednesday night (in her book) as ‘Rachaels turn to be sick’….My opinion is that it is very possible they were watching the children relatively responsibly…each taking turns to stay near all the apartments (or in one or two) and something may have happened to Madeleine.

Rather than one person being responsible (which they would also have been singled out as a target had the ‘abductor’ taken Madeleine on their ‘turn’) it was agreed to incorporate the checking to eliminate one person being responsible.

There was a MAJOR reason for not reporting her death…that is another discussion…..but they ENCOURAGED the neglect issue. The mantra in every storylne about them dining in the tapas….Gerry telling Jez more than once about leaving the children…the first time TUESDAY lunchtime! Contrived even at that point (one reason that supports something happening to Madeleine earlier in the week imo)

There was no reason that they could not have said from the start that there was always someone back at the apartments looking after the children..(which according to their statements there was…MO on Sunday, ROB on Tuesday, Rachael on Wednesday) so why didnt they protect themselves against neglect by stating that?

They NEEDED neglect to give the abductor the ‘window’ of opportunity..(all of THREE MINUTES which I believe was one of their major errors). An abductor could not have taken a child that was being watched.

I could go on forever, as I have posted on this issue more times than anything else and i feel like a broken record, but for those that would like to see some of the reasons that have supported my belief there are lots of examples here.
HiDeHo Posts

May 3rd Simulated Abduction or Neglect

Neglect (Statements that show they cared about childcare)http://forum2.aimoo.com/MadeleineMcCann/Individual-Topics/Neglect-1-796651.html

I ABSOLUTELY believe there was no neglect for NUMEROUS reasons.

1) The McCanns claim it to be true. I believe nothing else, why should I believe that?

2) Rachael claims to have had Ella in her apartment for a bath.

3) Gerry told everyone he could about leaving the children alone (so everyone would believe the abduction when they heard it.

4) On video the waiter claims they did not leave the table within short periods of time and he is sure they didn’t leave for more than 45 mins.

5) There are many statements that show they really cared about the childcare arrangements prior to arriving (particularly MO) and JT I think.

6) For those of us that believe something happened to Madeleine earlier in the week then every night was ‘faked’ as being normal…hence the contrived ‘checking.

7) The waiter claims that a few times the meal had to be reheated…could that have been because the person that was watching the children was relieved and able to get to the table for the meal?

8) On a video there is undercover filming of Mrs Fenns hairdressers where they claim that the McCanns were at Chaplins…It doesnt make it true, but if they did go there after the tapas they would need someone watching the children. Whether we like them or not, I do believe they all loved their children and would not neglect them in any way.

9) When I write these neglect threads, I always get the feeling that if the McCanns see it they would ‘hate’ me…because once you take away neglect you are left with them being accountable for what REALLY happened to Madeleine, because she couldnt have been abducted while being watched so how would they explain her disappearance?

Even better…..How could they explain the truth about what happened to little Madeleine?


Was there really neglect?


According to statements, Matthew Oldfield was in 5B on Sunday night and Rachael was there on Wednesday…

This apartment was so close to Apartment 5A that they could hear through the walls….

Tuesday, Russell O’Brien was in apartment 5D with only one apartment separating his apartment from the Oldfields and then the McCanns. (a few steps away if checked from the entrance to the apartments.)

The Paynes had a monitor but were only one floor above.

Quick and easy enough for someone, to keep an eye out for children rather than have everyone keep returning back from the tapas.

Tuesday night, Najoya the quiz mistress did not see Kate or David Payne between approx nine and ten pm so they may have been in the apartments.

Thursday there was only a few minutes during the evening when everyone was (supposedly) at the table.

An adult was very near to the children Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and probably Thursday…

Only Monday is unknown…it is not known if everyone was at the table on Monday, there may have been someone watching the children.

What are the chances that 9 adults would choose to leave their children alone and not ask the person that was close by to keep an eye on them?

Why would they claim they were ‘neglecting’ their children when, for the most part, there was someone close?

How could an abduction have happened if the children were being watched?

Who would have been targeted as irresponsible if they claimed the children were being watched and the ‘abduction’ happened during their time?

They HAD to claim the children were ‘neglected’ or the ‘plan’ wouldn’t have worked.

How could they have said they were watching the children (as I believe they were) and used an ‘abduction’ to explain why Madeleine was missing?

They have GAINED from the neglect issue also….

Each time that someone claims they were irresponsible and neglectful to their children, leaving them alone….it infers that Madeleine disappeared because she was left alone, and only supports the abduction theory IMO.

According to the files and the dogs, Madeleine died in the apartment and they had no alternative but to ‘suggest’ it happened while she was left alone, when it was very probable that she died for another reason and ‘abduction’ and ‘neglect’ was the ONLY way they could explain her disappearance, rather than the truth…which could have been that the children were being ‘relatively’ cared for by someone close by, she died (because of an unknown reason) and they had to hide the truth the only way they knew how….

Madeleine may not have died because she wasn’t being looked after…..

To suggest neglect, suggests she was vulnerable to an intruder…which is what they want everyone to believe.

I don’t believe it for one minute.



‘I could shake my daughter and the Tapas 7 for leaving Madeleine alone,’ says Kate McCann’s mother

Last updated at 15:48 29 April 2008

Madeleine disappeared from a holiday apartment in the Algarve on May 3 last year

Madeleine McCann’s grandmother has attacked her own daughters’ decision to leave her three children alone in their holiday apartment on the night the three-year-old vanished.

Kate McCann’s mother, Susan Healy, admits she is totally astonished that she thought it was safe to leave Madeleine and their two other younger children unsupervised.

She has revealed that she asks herself again and again why their whole group, the so-called Tapas Nine, all believed it was fine to go out for dinner without their children.

Just days ahead of the one-year anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, she vents her frustration, saying: “I could shake all of them, every single one of them.”

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, she admits: “I can read articles that say Kate and Gerry should never have left their children and I can accept that.

“You find yourself over and over again in your head thinking: ‘Why did they think it would be all right?’ “Why did they think – all of them – it was OK to do this?

“I think they were misled into thinking it was OK – but there was no CCTV, no security. There is this acceptance among couples with young children, like Kate and Gerry and their friends, that these are good resorts and safe environments.”

Scroll down for more…

Astonished: Madeleine’s grandmother, Susan Healy, with her husband Brian. She has admitted she cannot believe Kate left her children alone on the night she vanished

Read more…
Kate McCann : I don’t feel that Madeleine is dead – but I want to know what happened
Mrs Healy says the fact Madeleine was left alone on the night she vanished was something the wider family, and not only the McCanns, had had to come to terms with.

But she also defends them, insisting that they must have believed their children would be safe before deciding to go out on their own.

“I understand Kate and Gerry and the others ate in a restaurant without their children. It’s something we had to address and Kate and Gerry have had to address it every single day,” she says.

“But at the end of the day they thought they had taken adequate provision . . . no one looks after their children better than Kate and Gerry. That’s why it’s so amazing they can be in this situation.”

Despite her frustration at the “Tapas Nine”, the 62-year-old describes their vilification in the press as “awful” and says their lives will never be the same.

“This is a group of friends who have all suffered a terrible trauma,” she said. “They all did the same thing and what happened could have happened to any one of them. It’s changed all their lives.”

She also claims her family being dubbed “Team McCann” had made them seem like an “organisation without feelings”.

Scroll down for more…

Kate and Gerry McCann have admitted they feel guilty about going out for dinner on the night Madeleine disappeared

Of the damaging headlines, she says: “Every time it happens it’s like a slap in the face. You have to stop to think ‘Do these people not know what they are doing?’ – not just to us, but to other people.”

While most people have been kind, there have been a “small minority” who have shown a different side since last May and some have even sent threatening letters to her and her husband, Mrs Healy reveals.

She begs that people do not lose sight of what the family wants above all else – for Madeleine to be found.

“Remember what this is all about – a little four-year-old child who was loved and cherished and cared for,” she pleads.

“She was the greatest gift anyone in our family ever had. She is somewhere and she may be frightened and unhappy.”

Reliving the night of May 3rd, she tells how her son-in-law rang her up at around 11.30pm to say Madeleine had been taken.

“He said something like ‘It’s a disaster’. I was grappling to understand ‘disaster’. “His next words were ‘Madeleine has been abducted from her bed in the apartment’.

“I said ‘No, Gerry’ and he said ‘Sue, Sue’. He reiterated it in a strong way. I asked him ‘Where were you?'”

She added: “We just sat all night and then went to Portugal the next day. I didn’t know what day it was – some people packed my bags for me and the police drove us to Manchester Airport.

“I remember, after we got to the hotel complex, looking at the little paddling pool and all the children there. I was thinking ‘This time yesterday, Madeleine was playing there’.”

Her husband, Brian, adds that he will never forget laying eyes on his devastated daughter that day.

“I remember Kate’s first words to me – I’ll never forget them. She said: ‘She’ll be so frightened.'”

His wife said: “I don’t know who I hugged first, but I’ll never forget how Kate and Gerry were that day – they were absolutely wailing.”

Five months later, to her parents’ disbelief, Kate McCann and her husband were made official suspects in the case.

Madeleine’s grandmother recalls: “Gerry did ring to warn us that they were likely to be made arguidos – I think it was a few days before. I nearly had a dicky fit. I was amazed and angry. Very angry.

“They had told the police they were going to come home. I think that moved things on for the police and they told Kate and Gerry they wanted to question them again.

“But their attitudes had changed before then, when the British police and dogs went out. When they were made arguidos I placated myself, never believing that anyone could think they were responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance.

“Some people, though,, picked up on certain things, despite it being a ridiculous situation. “They centered in on anything negative.”

The family are bracing themselves for the one-year anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance this Saturday.

She disappeared from their apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3 during a family holiday to the Algarve resort.

Her parents were at a restaurant with their friends 40 yards away but had returned to the flat during the night to make regular checks.

They are not returning to Portugal at the weekend and plan to stay at their home in Rothley, Leicestershire.


Title: Neglect Accusations – A Welcome Smokescreen for the Truth!


Why they weren’t charged with neglect, is an issue that appears to be uppermost in many people’s minds.

I believe that neglect was a welcome ‘smokescreen’ for what really happened that night.

I understand that if some people don’t give credibility to the dogs findings then May 3rd was a night out (of little over an hour) and Maddie was still alive and she could have been abducted…

For those that do believe the dogs……the McCanns were aware of Maddie’s death before they went out because of the time needed for the death scent to be released.

Neglect issues are very possibly non existent for that night…there is no knowledge as to whether the twins were left alone…Someone could have been in the apartment for that hour…

(Whether there is enough evidence for neglect on other nights is a separate issue)

Why is May 3rd still considered a ‘neglect’ issue and a ‘night out’ to those that believe that Maddie was already dead?

(You wonder why they cannot take responsibility and admit to ‘neglect’ leading to Maddie’s disappearance?…It’s because it probably didn’t happen!..She was maybe already dead!)

So…. is there a reason that it is considered neglect because of a ‘night out’ when it appears to be a little over an hour and according to statements the children were supposedly left alone with no-one nearby for only minutes at a time? (20 minutes maximum from memory).

How do we know that they left their children alone?

I don’t believe that they did.

We know from statements there was someone missing from the tapas every night (except little information known about Monday night) so its possible for the children to have been looked after.

I have never believed that the doors were left open whether the children were in there or not.

Regardless of the children, I would never believe that they would leave their belongings left open to possible theft in a strange country and an apartment that was not inside the complex.

In a true abduction scenario..upon realisation that the world was going to know that Maddie was ‘abducted’ because of their carelessness of leaving the door open, it would be more than likely that they would lie and say they had locked the door.

In reality I believe the door was locked and they only changed it when they failed to be able to ‘jemmy’ the shutters in preparation for the fake ‘abduction’…

Actually…it was probably irrelevant whether the door was locked or not…during the hour they were at the ‘tapas’ the ‘plans’ were in place and maybe someone was in the apartment trying to ‘jemmy’ the shutters…it failed, and thats why they had to change the comment (doors left open) to allow ‘entry’ to the apartment.

I believe the negligence was faked and all the comments about the other children were put in place to account for, or cover scenarios, not yet known.

Jez Wilkin’s statement about his ‘meeting’ with Gerry that night infers that Gerry’s comments about leaving the children alone was not the first time he had mentioned it…so maybe at other times, during their tennis lessons, he had taken the opportunity of telling Jez about leaving the children.

Jez didn’t see it for himself…In his statement he only refers to Gerry telling him (more than once)

Who else did Gerry tell and when did he first start telling people about leaving the children?

Suggesting the children were left alone is the only way abduction would have been possible.

My thoughts are this was put in place AFTER Maddie had died , they needed to have people believing there was an opportunity for an abduction.

After a REAL abduction, most people would be trying to influence people to believe they were not to blame that their children’s safety was compromised.

They WOULDN’T be shouting from the rooftops telling the world that they left the door open with three young children inside in an apartment that was outside the holiday complex.

The McCanns ‘negative’ PR allowing the ‘trade-off’ neglect accusations, really does seem to have worked!

I don’t believe they planned it that way, but once ‘neglect’ became the main issue, clouding the scenario of what the investigation suggests is a simulated abduction, they would be happy to accept the accusations…..Far better than have anyone question what really happened.

How could they be charged with neglect if Madeleine was not alive and with the likelihood of someone in the apartment preparing for the abduction? (it was a simulated abduction according to the police files)

We cannot believe anything they say…so, why should we believe they left the children alone that night?

Neglect has been the smokescreen that has protected them for too long.



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