14 – Was Madeleine Abducted? – Where is the PROOF? – Did she DIE in the apartment?




No Evidence of Abduction! – McCanns (1 of 2)

No Evidence of Abduction! – McCanns (2 of 2)


The MANTRA!  ‘No Evidence that Madeleine is not alive’

In more than 8 years, with statistics against Madeleine being found alive, we hear the mantra over and over again…

That is the parent’s right.  No parent should ever give up on searching for their child.

Is it justified for the enormous amount of money to have been spent on looking for a child that statistically is likely dead?

Has the ‘abductor’ struck again and is ‘he’ a threat to other children? Not as far as anyone knows.

More than £10 MILLION of taxpayers money has been spent, and continues to be spent on ONE missing child.

Madeleine is dear to us all but how can it be justified?


Back in 2007 Clarence Mitchell spoke on behalf of the McCanns caliming that ‘Madeleine was probably dead!’  The following day several newspapers claimed Gerry INSISTS they don’t believe she is dead!

Would this ‘faux pas’ hamper the search or would Madeleine’f fund suffer and have to be closed if Madeleine was thought to have died?


probably dead


daily mail 1

insists 1



didnt leave alive final


no evidence final 61



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