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Not a typical blog – Not OUR opinions – A CRASH COURSE of the Madeleine McCann case based on FACTS from the files with random info, videos and links.

Each page is based on a popular discussion topic from the case so you can get the knowledge to form your OWN opinions.

Don’t blindly believe others.  YOU decide based on KNOWLEDGE & FACTS!

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Recent Posts

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  • 1 – What the UK Public have NOT been told about the Madeleine McCann POLICE INVESTIGATION FILES!! 

  • The UK public have been prevented easy access to the police files which were released to the public in 2008 when the original investigation was shelved, pending further evidence.  (It has since been re-opened but the current police files remain under judicial secrecy until the PJ Polícia Judiciária conclude their investigation) View VIDEOS and details that may open your eyes to information that may shock you!
  • 2 – McCanns Manipulated the Media !

  •  Everyone wants to know why the McCanns spent so much of the ‘Search for Madeleine FUND’ (a Limited company) on EXPENSIVE PR to change public opinion from HOSTILE to SYMPATHETIC and stop media reporting on details from the files. See the FACTS of their effort to prevent UK PUBLIC learning the TRUTH!
  • 3 – NOT a ‘Bungled’ Portuguese Police Investigation – See the TRUTH!! 

  • – Despite it being one of the biggest investigations in Portuguese history, false reports from DAY ONE and in subsequent media reports that the police ‘did nothing’. this page will give you the details of the immediate response.  You can view the FILES to see 310 diligences completed in the first couple of days and the ENORMOUS effort by the police to search for Madeleine.  The disgusting effort to discredit the police in the media has been thought to be to discredit the findings of the investigation which found many contradictions and discrepancies in the witness statements of the McCanns and their friends.
  • 4 – Are the McCanns GUILTY or INNOCENT? You decide… 

  • – The McCanns were declared Arguidos (suspects) in September 2007 following the FORENSIC results of BLOOD found in the apartment and in the car hired 3 weeks after Madeleine disappeared.  The results show markers matching Madeleine’s DNA and although it does not match 100% it does NOT EXCLUDE her DNA from being in those locations.  View VIDEOS and clips from INTERVIEWS and decide for yourself if there is a possibility they may be complicit in their daughter’s disappearance.


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The McCanns are suing Gonçalo Amaral for £1 MILLION, the verdict included BANNING the documentary, (which is based on the police files) but an APPEAL is in progress with the help of support from his friends around the world currently £33,865 of £25k Raised by 2,113 people in 2 months

Go Fund Me: Legal Defence for Goncalo Amaral Created  by Leanne Baulch April 29, 2015 HERE


Watch the BANNED DOCUMENTARY based on the police investigation!

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